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Making branded content does not work … what works is to awaken emotions

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Making branded content does not work … what works is to awaken emotions

I’ve been frequenting a restaurant near work for a few years. When I visit, I always choose the same table in the back and the same friendly waiter serves me. My foods may vary, but there are two more things that never change: a glass of plain water, then a cup of coffee with ice. I like that ritual almost as much as doing branded content. I am not willing to change it.I have invited some people to accompany me to that place. Some are of the opinion that the food is not good enough to attend several times a week. Maybe it’s true. However, I keep repeating my visits. I repeat them because every time I enter and select my favorite table, the letter reaches my hands along with my glass of natural water. After that one dish after another, without a second request. At the end, without having to ask, my coffee appears … with an ice cream.

As a marketer trained in the age of social media, I am forced to acknowledge that technology has put infinite possibilities in our hands. Today’s brands can have access to a great deal of information about their VP Audit Email Lists consumers. From there, they have the ability to deliver hyper-personalized messages and products.As a consumer, on the other hand, I still fully see the enormous value that human beings have to offer .I’m not going to deny it. There are those who would say that my experience with coffee could well be replicated with the help of a machine. Maybe they were right, right? After all, there are ultra-avant-garde coffee vending machines.Let me tell you about a second experience that can help you understand how to make branded content.

Like thousands of consumers around the world, I am a member of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program . My account profile details not only the drink I marked as a favorite when registering, but also my entire drinking history. The brand has access to everything: from what I ask before I go to work (which gives you a fairly close idea of ​​where I live and work), to when I go on a trip and how my habits away from home are transformed.At first glance, Starbucks has a lot more data on me than the waiter at that restaurant. However, no barista of the brand has ever asked me if I want to drink it! And if they did, it is very likely that my experience would not be the same because it would only be mechanical since I would realize that he is simply reading my phone .

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Understanding the difference between these two experiences is critical to understanding why branded content is not enough for your audience.Why am I telling you this? Because it is important to understand that in the midst of a world that will be 1000% technological, the future of brands is to become human .Many companies are already talking about the importance of generating emotional content and connections, but a truly Doctors Email List human brand knows that those connections can only be achieved if there is a GENUINE interest in consumers.We are SICK of brands that, like all of them, say they care about their customers and the truth is that they are worth two radishes.Through his blog, Business Grow , Mark Schaefer recently shared his experience with some clients starting out in content marketing.His findings are not uncommon in the industry. Many companies of all sizes and business models face similar problems. This dialogue is often repeated over and over again.Mark, Luis, Corinna (insert the name of any content marketer here). I have a problem. Notice that in my company we have a blog and we constantly publish and share on social networks, but I do not see results in my business. – Here we go then. We make a diagnosis and we commonly find the same errors; Today we are talking about 3 very common ones:

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