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Managers in social networks How social should they be?

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Managers in social networks How social should they be?

Regardless of whether we are talking about corporations, SMEs, business foundations or even CSOs … Should your managers be on social media? And if so … how social should they be in them? Is it enough to have a presence or could they even make a high-level social selling ?To answer this, it would be necessary to first explain what social selling is, because obviously it is not about turning a top executive into a town crier.

Social selling is defined as the art of using social media to find, connect, understand and foster relationships that open opportunities for our brands. It is not selling, it is creating and curating useful content, as well as interacting with an audience, to serve as a magnet for relevant relationships.The participation of senior executives in social networks is often associated with better leadership, reputation for the brand to which they belong and even with better engagement with clients, collaborators and investors.In Toprank Marketing , Lee Odden gives some tips and comments that for most organizations, senior managers as well as marketing executives are one of the most striking profiles in their capacity as public figures, and they are expected to be very active on social media. But, how many tweets, posts, stories, likes, shares and comments are enough to say that managers in social networks are successful?

It’s tempting for top executives to compare themselves to business influencers who spend virtually all of their time lecturing, writing books, and being interviewed by the media.However, you have to understand that being an influencer should not necessarily be the goal of managers in social networks … Popularity is not the Bahamas Phone Number List same as reputation .An analysis of the latest list of the most influential CMOs reveals that some executives have been able to reach numbers similar to those of an influencer on social media.Many top social media managers work hard to have an appropriate level of engagement. The commitment to be active in social networks seems today an imperative to show leadership … and in this scenario it must be said that many executives suffer from a lack of creativity to create and curate content that connects.

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How do you find the right balance between daily functions and social activity? Top executives can follow these three guidelines to achieve meaningful and manageable success on social media.There are endless possibilities with social media, but far from being an advantage, even that can paralyze an executive’s effort to Doctors Email List get started.A good tip is to start with a particular goal: What do you hope to achieve by being visible and being connected on the social network? Focus on that ONE thing and even write a statement of that goal, articulating what you hope to achieve and how you plan to do it.

The goal can be simply to reinforce thought leadership on a specific topic or it can be to make yourself available to clients as well as means of communication to answer questions and interact. You just have to decide and commit yourself fully.Take advantage of a monitoring tool such as BuzzSumo , the search function on Twitter or Feedly , to be your digital news sources to find articles, publications, videos and other types of interesting content to share on your social network.

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