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Marketing automation, key to optimizing sales in the training sector

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Marketing automation, key to optimizing sales in the training sector

Finally, Ramón  brazil mobile number Anadón , Founder and CEO of Viwom, indicates that “the user must enjoy everything that makes him happy and  brazil mobile number what he prefers. A more segmented information, proposals according to your experiences and your journey as a consumer should be the starting point for agencies to innovate  brazil mobile number by creating on-demand email marketing campaigns and recover the Engagement that has previously been lost on the road with the new European GDPR.

“That new consumer habits have  brazil mobile number accelerated digital transformation processes is undeniable. In addition, it has reached all kinds of fields and companies, such as those specialized in training. This has forced professionals in the sector to adapt so as not to be left behind. The implementation of marketing automation tools , based on the automation of  brazil mobile numbercustomer acquisition and sales processes, is key to improving  brazil mobile number the user experience . This consequently implies that it contributes to increasing the interest of future students. That


is one of the main conclusions  doctorsemaillist of the online meeting on digital transformation in education  brazil mobile number organized by redk and Salesforce . As stated in the session, investing in software will increase the organization’s turnover and optimize the time of the sales team. ” The acquisition  brazil mobile number of new customers will improve up to  brazil mobile number and the number of qualified leads will increase up to ,” said Enrique Cerrato , B2C Marketing & Growth Consultant at Salesforce .

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