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Marketing In The Public Sector Beyond Communications

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Marketing In The Public Sector Beyond Communications

The face of harassment that many people put says it all when marketing in the public sector is mentioned is latent, it is part of the communications department. However, it goes further and the public service knows it. The marketing strategies play an important role when we talk about public service, it’s interesting and special. We classify as “crazy” the idea of ​​making that investment that in the long run becomes a “pain medicine” when you know what it is worth.

It is not a secret that citizens are increasingly demanding with so much access to information and the gaps to know international solutions every time it seems as if they do not exist. In this way, they demand to receive products and services according to their needs. It is daring to say that Belize Phone Number List  we always “go fast” and see liquid modernity, as Zymurgy Batman’s book titles it. It is defined as the possibility of a fruitful and true modernity slipping through our hands like water between our fingers. Definition subtracted from Myrdal. Indeed, it is getting out of hand and we have to invest in new processes.

Market analysis:
Understanding citizenship from the point of view of who is your buyer persona is key to implementing projects. Has it ever crossed your mind that you could make an empathy map to put yourself in the shoes of citizenship? For this I give you access to my article on value proposition. Transparent in a pleasant way Who said that accountability must be an uncomfortable process? Many times this process seems like a police persecution of citizens to public service, what if the method were different? It is good so that these events are not a courtroom where the state is imputed and the citizens judge.

Let’s make it transparent in a digestible, attractive way and as information for monitoring rather than inspection.

3- Generate interest
Who follows the account abilities? Who enthusiastically follows what citizens do? Make citizens more involved happily with your work. What do you do to generate interest? The inbound marketing methodology speaks of the cycle and the funnel in marketing, so citizens need more than a call your action, you have to educate them in the service you offer. Apply it! Give them useful and relevant information to generate the conversion you want, add value at each stage.

4- Implement improvements
What better way to implement improvements than in the company of your citizens? It will sound unusual, but by generating conversation you will motivate suggestions and participation. In this way, it will be present in the design of plans, public policies and services.

5- Efficiency
Did you know that to function well you have to be in communication? The public administration that invests in marketing is efficient when it can clearly prospect and generate interaction with the public. Can you imagine that people instead of going to the “street broker” would come to you for help? It’s like instead of going to the doctor, going to a “witch doctor.” Efficient communication is achieved with marketing and the paperwork would be less “traumatic.”

6- Improve the service
Make people a part. Once, in a conference spoke about how customer service needs to resolve at least one complaint. Modern public management requires optimizing processes and having effective responses.

7- Segmentation
Do you know how to segment markets? The correct distribution of public resources requires that the market be divided and has advantages Evaluating Expectations Specifically Equity in the distribution of resources to different segments

8- Trust
Do the citizens trust the state? Did you know that marketing strategies generate trust and consistency in the use of public resources? Therefore, investing in Marketing is creating trust.

9- It aims not only at citizens, but also at public servants Craziness? It actually all makes sense when we talk about internal marketing. Remember that things are destroyed from within, strengthening the internal relationship is necessary. How much do you invest in internal communication? How much do your collaborators know

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