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Marketing like Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands 2018

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Marketing like Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands 2018

Three truths: We live in a world in which consumers are increasingly empowered. We receive five times more information a day than we received 30 years ago. People’s attention is increasingly difficult to capture and retain. In this reality, how do you market like the best brands? The Interbrand 2018 ranking, Best Global Brands, has been published recently; If you know how to look at it, it has the answer.Taking a close look at the marketing of big brands is often a source of inspiration. Those companies that have been successful in seizing the hearts and wallets of their consumers have to do something right, but what? Most small businesses would say they have the capital to build a marketing strategy of virtually unlimited reach. It is true, but that is not everything.

Anyone who wants to dare to market like top brands needs to get rid of budget myopia. You need to dare to see and understand your surroundings. You need to see your business as an element of that environment, an element with a specific and important function.In the world as we live it today, brands have to be brave. Having the courage to break paradigms will be what makes them desirable brands for consumers. The first paradigm to break is that they were born to sell.Marketing like the best brands means stop pretending and start being. It means stopping trying to create a functional differentiator in product or communication and transforming the way your business approaches the market. It means moving from telling the ideal consumer experience to shaping it. Marketing like the best brands means having the courage to jump on the marketing of the future from today .If it’s posible. All you need to do is pause the ads and focus on being a valuable brand first .

The value of a brand, or brand equity , is the sum of its economic performance, with the emotions and preferences of consumers towards it. It is defined by everything that people read, look at, experience Founder Email Lists and feel about your brand. So there is more than one way to increase it. And yes, you can be inspired by the big brands.Being inspired by the best brands requires knowing them, so at this point it is very important that I tell you which brands make up the Best Global Brands 2018 ranking published by Interbrand. There are 100 and this year they are headed by none other than Apple.Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Coca-Cola, complete the top 5 of this list. All of them, brands that you surely know well. Mc’Donalds, meanwhile, has been placed in place ten; While Disney, as difficult as it may be to believe, has managed to position itself at number 14.One hundred brands. A hundred different ways to do marketing. What do they all have in common?

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Intebrand would say that they are simply brave. What all these brands have in common is that they have dared to find out who they are. Only when you have a deep understanding of who you are today and where you want to be tomorrow can you confidently take the actions you need to win now.Who you are? That is the question to answer if you want to market like the best brands. Not what product you sell, not what its qualities are. Who are you, what do you believe in, what can you offer to your community.Marketing like the best brands means having the Doctors Email List courage to remove your product from the center. So you’ll be ready to put people there.Who are you, what do you believe in and what can you offer people, beyond sales?Take Nike, for example. The sporting goods brand launched a controversial campaign in 2018 by ColĂ­n Kaepernick.The American football player had been relegated for his activism against racial discrimination. The brand adopted it as the face of its campaign, under the copy: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.With this, Nike not only expressed its own position on racial discrimination, it also told the whole world that it is a brand determined to defend its values.The controversy did not wait; however it was not long before Nike saw its sales rise.Believe in something. Form a tribe that shares that belief and builds a relationship of trust. So put that community at the center of your marketing strategy.Defending the fight against racism, against sexism or the rights of the LGBT community is not the only way to be a brave brand. Each brand must find its way and to do so it is necessary to define in detail who it is. Taking a look at your history, your market context, and your business strategy will help you find a unique way to be brave.

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