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Measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing: How and why

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Measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing: How and why

A few years ago few saw it, but today many companies are aware of the power of relevant, constant and consistent content to build links between consumers and brands. If your business begins to explore these horizons, you are surely wondering how to measure the ROI of your B2B content marketing.It turns out that, although the popularity and need for content marketing continues to grow among B2B businesses, 47% of those who have implemented it say they have not yet measured the ROI of their efforts.The figure is truly alarming if we consider that, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2018 report published by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 32% of companies that have a content marketing strategy, are not sure what percentage of your total marketing budget goes to her.

Of the segment that does not measure the returns of their content marketing efforts, 38% attributed it to not requiring a formal justification to undertake these efforts, another 38% said they needed an easier way to measure it, and 27% admitted not knowing how to do it; while an additional 21% found the process too time consuming.Measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing is essential to know the success of your efforts and correct the course if necessary. What are the most important measurement factors and how should you do it? Quiet, it is not as complicated as you imagine.

In an industry moving at the speed of digital marketing , professionals are overwhelmed by always implementing the latest tactics and trends. This behavior causes them to sacrifice essential marketing elements. You have to be very careful not to fall into the trap. Measuring ROI is one of the activities that is frequently sacrificed, and it is a huge mistake.Tracking and measuring return on investment in content marketing (and any other tactic) is crucial to justify why you’re asking for all that budget. In addition, measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing helps you …As with any campaign, to measure the ROI of your B2B content marketing you need to be clear about the objective of your campaign and establish an appropriate indicator based on it, that is, a KPI. We cannot measure distances in liters or milk in kilometers. We need the right measure for each thing; so before taking the next step, make sure the “thing” is well defined.

Once you’ve determined your goal and the right indicator, then you’re ready to take a look at the big picture. Remember, the idea is to know how much you are spending and how that investment Canadian CFO Email Lists is being reflected in the fulfillment of your objectives.Remember to put everything you invest in the cost basket: content creation, production, distribution, paid media, etc … The factors that make up the total cost of your content marketing campaign can be many or few depending on their complexity. It doesn’t matter, the key is to know them all.One of the tools that can help you, believe it or not, to know everything you invest is the Canvas model for a digital strategy. You are probably familiar with its nine-block scheme that looks like this:

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Taking advantage of it to measure the ROI of your B2B content marketing is relatively simple. All you have to do is put your content marketing to the center (value proposition) and go fromĀ Doctors Email List there.The blocks on the left correspond to the resources and activities you need to execute your strategy; The blocks on the right are elements to consider when executing your strategy and the two long blocks at the bottom will be the key to measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing.Identify each of the resources and activities that make up your content marketing strategy and that help you to achieve your objective (the blocks on the left). Make a list as detailed as possible and include in it the budget you invest in each one. The total sum will give you your cost structure.Then, in the block marked as a source of income, place the KPI that you have defined based on your objective: Visits to the site, for example. Once that is done, you can easily use the following formula:

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