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Merchandising and how to apply it in your business

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Merchandising and how to apply it in your business

Merchandising is a very common marketing strategy applied to any type of business, whether online or not. However, it became more known after the increase in people who work online . The reason is very simple: in the digital market it is necessary to use all types of marketing strategies possible to attract the attention of potential customers. After all, even though the demand for products and services is very great, the supply is also high. Therefore, stay with us if you have started to undertake in the online Podiatrists business email list market now and want to learn more techniques to promote your products or services. In this post we will work on the concept of merchandising, in addition to showing you what are the existing types of merchandising and how to apply them in practice. With this guide you will better understand this strategy and understand its importance for the growth of a business.  Its central objectives are two: Guarantee the sale of products; Attract new customers to the brand. It is, in short, a set of techniques to promote a product or

Apply it in your business Inside the point of sale

service to potential customers in an assertive way. Merchandising can happen in 3 ways: 1. Inside the point of sale When talking about the organization of products within the point of sale we are referring to a physical space in which customers are going to make a purchase. Items for sale must be arranged following a logical standard of attraction. For instance: If we are in a supermarket, small products should be close to the checkout sector, since sweets and candies, in general, are bought more on impulse than necessity. Therefore, if they are close to the place where customers are already about to finish their purchase

merchandising and how to apply it in your business

Inside the point of sale apply it in your business

strategic points. In reality, it is in the external environment that it occurs with greater intensity. A clear example of this is merchandising on television shows. When actors in a soap opera talk about a certain product and highlight its qualities, viewers are automatically and instantly induced to think that the product is good, which can lead to purchase. The advertising today is much more subtle than before. 3. In the virtual environment Merchandising is gaining its space in the virtual environment. Examples include creating an attractive sales page or using sponsored posts on websites other than those used by the digital entrepreneur.

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