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Neuroscience Tools Applied To Marketing

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Neuroscience Tools Applied To Marketing

Did you know that there are techniques from Neurosciences that are applied to Marketing? This movement is part of a new discipline that for some years has become popular in the market and is called Marketing. If you are ready to inquire about this practice you will get references associated with psychology, where behavior and emotionalize are related, data from traditional marketing techniques and methods used in various branches of medicine, which complement this field of research to the marketing area.

If you are interested in delving into this topic, I invite you to continue reading all the information that we have prepared for you about this Armenia Phone Number List  innovative trend. Well I tell you that yes, it is possible to integrate them and today the discipline that is responsible for doing it is well formed, it is known as ‘Marketing’. Marketing is in charge of studying the consumer’s ‘non-conscious’ behaviors, through the use of tools from bio-metrics and neurosciences.

This allows us to obtain reliable information on anatomical processes (specific brain structures and areas) and physiological responses (bodily reactions such as sweating, blushing, among others) that occur when we are exposed to a marketing stimulus. , various methodologies and strategies are structured to develop in the marketing area. With this foundation, you can have greater assurance that the desired impact on users will be generated.

What are the neuroscience tools that Marketing uses?
The tools used in marketing make up what we call ‘Marketing’. They are techniques typical of neuroscience and at the beginning of this discipline all the devices were exactly the same as those used in the field of medicine. to make them easier to use and achieve a better interpretation of the results.

Eye Tracking Devices – Eye-tracking Eye-tracking devices allow the consumer’s vision to be studied by presenting any visual marketing stimulus. Starting from this tour of sight, the behavior and cognition of the person can be understood (the latter encompasses different mental processes such as: memory, decision-making, learning, attention, among others). behavior of the user, which are the areas that better capture the attention and the specific search patterns according to the disposition of the stimulus. Eye tracking devices are used to:

Knowing these indicators can optimize and modify marketing strategies, having a greater probability that the user will carry out the specific action for which the stimulus was designed, such as: making a purchase, sharing a publication, clicking in a specific place on the page or choose a specific product for its packaging.

The eye-tracking instruments most used in Marketing are the well-known ‘Eye-trackers’ that work by means of infrared or visible light. These devices generally have a sensor or camcorder that allows all eye movements of the user to be recorded. Sidetracking glasses: As the name implies, they are glasses that the user wears and allows them to move comfortably during the studies. They are commonly used to analyze the reaction to the packaging of a product or the layout of a store.

Fixed Eye tracker: It is a device in the form of a lens or camera that is attached directly to the computer and allows to analyze the visual path of the stimuli reproduced on the screen. It is used to evaluate applications and web pages or, also, to evaluate visual advertisements. Among the Marketing devices that allow measuring brain activity are functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalogram (EEG).Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Functional magnetic resonance imaging is an instrument of neuroscience and medicine that allows images of brain activity to be obtained in real time.

which helps to know which are the specific areas of the brain that are activated when the subject is subjected to a specific action These devices have been adapted to be used in conjunction with visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile marketing strategies, and through these to evaluate what is happening in the consumer’s brain. The data that can be obtained are: Although the data provided by this tool is highly relevant for Marketing studies, it tends to have a fairly high implementation cost and can become somewhat uncomfortable for the study subject due to having to remain still and lying down inside the fMRI machine during the investigation.

The electroencephalogram is another neuroscience and medicine tool that is used in Marketing. It allows to measure neuronal activity, that is, to know brain reactions through electrical impulses. Despite studying the brain as it can be done with the equip me

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