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Do Not Stand Alone Guangdong Mobile Phone Number

But all in all, Web Stories sound Guangdong Mobile Phone Number quite promising. So why hasn’t it really taken off here yet? Google visual content Web Stories Vice Web Stories by Vice See first… Shortly after the launch, Frankwatching editor Tineke concluded in this article that there was no need to hurry . Web Stories were still in beta at the time, but that wasn’t the main reason. She places the Guangdong Mobile Phone Number development against the background of a larger shift that is taking place at Google, in which Google is slowly changing from search engine to answering machine. Google used to Guangdong Mobile Phone Number offer you several results to choose from after a search.

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Then you clicked through to the page where Guangdong Mobile Phone Number you hopefully found your answer. Nowadays, the answer itself is often already on the results page. Annoying for website owners, but clicking is no longer necessary in that case. Also read: Google comes with Web Stories: make visual stories SEO-proof With Web Stories, Google has yet another novelty in its hands, which Guangdong Mobile Phone Number has responded well to the success of video stories, which makes staying on Guangdong Mobile Phone Number the search results page even more attractive.

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At first sight, not necessarily an Guangdong Mobile Phone Number advantageous investment for makers, Tineke therefore rightly judged. Moreover, you never know at Google whether they will pull the plug again after a few years (think Google+). No wonder that not everyone immediately started making Web Stories. Why Web Stories now? As mentioned earlier, Web Stories do provide opportunities Guangdong Mobile Phone Number for website owners, whether they are organizations, companies, publishers or independent entrepreneurs. These can mainly be found in the field of branding and brand awareness for your brand. With Web Stories, you provide the quality content that the search engine loves and generate extra Guangdong Mobile Phone Number visibility on the search results summary page. You also have the opportunity to strengthen your branding if you design your Stories smartly.

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