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ON FIRE Meet the future of online events

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ON FIRE Meet the future of online events

The world has changed in recent years. The way we consume information, communicate and interact is no longer the same. And with events it is no different. Always in search of transformation, a global technology company and leader in digital products, used all its experience to bring the future of online events: the . Did you get tired of online events in the same format and with similar proposals? Continue reading this publication to learn about ON FIRE and discover how to participate! What is the ON FIRE? Bringing together the experience accumulated in five

Online events different from anything you have ever seen .

Years of face-to-face online events, an online event different from anything you have ever seen . And for the first edition of we brought together great world references in matters such as entrepreneurship, education, digital marketing, culture and innovation. Audiences will have the opportunity to be inspired by content creators, specialists, brands and artists fromĀ  Interior Decorators Design & Consultants business email list various countries in an immersive content experience like no other.

ON FIRE Meet the future of online events

Meet the future of online events

a safe and incredible experience. Is No! They are events with very different proposals. FIRE Festival is where it all began in 2015. It is face-to-face meeting, where entrepreneurs, thinkers and artists who are transforming the world come together to share their experiences and ideas with the public. FIRE Festival for being a face-to-face event will return at a more opportune moment. And in the meantime, within the digital environment, it’s time to introduce the world to a new concept in online events. With five years of learning and experience in digital entrepreneurship events, we created the

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