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Process, still in its initial phase, seeks to promote economic, social and tourism development in the region

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Process, still in its initial phase, seeks to promote economic, social and tourism development in the region

Another novelty in this culture is philippines phone number carried out with Senac, which has used the fruits in gastronomy courses, in undergraduate and graduate courses. Professor of philippines phone number  Gastronomy Technology at Senac College, Leticia Kataniwa, emphasizes the importance of using the fruit by regional producers. “The use of regional products favors the local economy and species biodiversity, in addition to saving on transport and logistics costs. Valuing regional cuisine is valuing  philippines phone number culture and recognizing the historical value of these products. Therefore, we prioritize the use of these products and recognize the quality of ponkan from Vale da Ribeira”, he emphasizes.

She explains that she says tha philippines phone number  ponkan is very versatile and can be used in various desserts such as a cake or cream or the use of ponkan chips to flavor and perfume the flavor of a chocolate dough, for example. For hot dishes, Letícia says it is possible to philippines phone number  make chicken in ponkan sauce with side dishes. In the cold kitchen, the suggestion is a salad with leaves, seasoning with  philippines phone number olive oil, salt, herbs, parsley, chives and ponkan juice or the fruit itself in pieces. Share on social networks


“We always carry out philippines phone number  manual harvest, with frequent observation and control  doctorsemaillist over the quality of the ponkan. Without the ideal fruit point, we cannot harvest and we always seek to improve this process”, says Alexandre.The economic development work of the region’s producers also relies on the work of the Integrated Productive  philippines phone number Development Program of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (Pró-Metrópole), through the GT Agroalimentar and GT – Citros. The group brought new fruit and juice sales channels to producers in partnership  philippines phone number with the City of Curitiba, such as Armazéns da Família, Cooperative Fairs, Sacolão da Família and Ceasa. 

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