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Reputation Marketing What is it?

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Reputation Marketing What is it?

Reputational marketing is the set of marketing actions focused on improving the perception and exceeding the expectations of the interest groups ( stakeholders ) of a brand.In other words, reputation marketing is all those marketing executions that aim to build a desired image before our consumers and society.Did you see recently that Burger King asked its customers to order food from McDonald’s? The effort made at a global level sought to support the restaurant industry in general, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. These types of marketing executions build a better image and create emotional ties with the brand. This is reputation marketing.The answer is simple: marketing is built on promise.We do not book a hotel expecting bad service, we do not buy a product thinking it will be deficient, an investor does not put money in a company from which they do not expect a return on investment, and as employees they do not take a job anticipating a terrible work environment. . In a hyper-connected world, when those expectations are not met, brands can soon get hurt… because of content on social media, review sites, portals, etc. it is gasoline that can ignite very quickly.

This TripAdvisor review is a good example. A consumer annoyed by the service in a hotel, shares his experience and thereby generates immediate damage to the reputation of the business and most likely the loss of many potential customers who come to the prestigious portal to compare.The brand reputation is an expectation for the future Benin Phone Number List based on past experience, which means that the experiences of the audience with a brand, whether online or offline, are fundamental.And it must be said that not only the experiences that consumers have with the offer of products or services are important. There are other dimensions to consider.What experiences influence to build the reputation of a brand? According to the RepTrak model , an experience can occur in any of these seven dimensions:The experiences that are had in each of these dimensions, build the perception of a brand.

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Anyone would think that competition is fierce and that brands work hard in each and every one of these dimensions to gain the trust of their consumers and other stakeholders … but according to recent Doctors Email List studies, the opposite is true: we believe less and less on the brands.Trends indicate that trust in brands is declining; consumers are more informed, connected and more skeptical than ever.According to Edelman , trust in companies and their brands has dropped dramatically.In this 2020 Edelman Confidence Barometer chart you can see that people consider businesses to be competent but they lack ethics, and therefore they don’t trust them

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