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Resilient the self help newsletter in times of collapse

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Resilient the self help newsletter in times of collapse

Share with you a personal reflection on the subject of degrowth and software. I draw your attention from the start to the fact that this is a theoretical reflection, not an explanation of how software is coded, it is not in my skills. But dreaming is, so I take advantage of it Since I have been using computers, I have found that in theory and in practice, most software requires ever more powerful computers in RAM, processor, etc. Video games, Internet browsers, utilities, word processors, etc. most current versions no longer run on the computers I had years ago. For the example of my reverie, I will take a suite of tools that I know well Adobe software Photoshop etc.

The end of the obsolescence of our computers

At the moment, at Adobe, they are advocating artificial intelligence its the fashion . But these programs want or GB of RAM, a crazy processor and a recent graphics card. This sometimes often forces people to buy a new, more powerful computer when their jewelry retouch service current computer was working perfectly. In short, this race irritates me from a financial and environmental point of view and personally the longer I can keep a computer, the more I can use stable and light software and the better off I am. So here is my reflection lets imagine that my Photoshop software can for example learn from my uses.

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An intellectual appeasement

It analyzes the tools I use, the filters I never use, the features I dont want and never need, and all those options that I dont use. Lets say he analyzes this for a few weeks. After this time, the Photoshop software could recompose itself in a light Doctors Email List version and when I launch it, only load the things I use which is probably of the software. Obviously, it would be a customgenerated version that would be different from that of another user who has other uses, etc. This version would therefore be less resource intensive, adapted to my uses. It would be less greedy for my computer, would allow me to work better too it wouldnt slow down.

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