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Share your schedule with those who live with you

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Share your schedule with those who live with you

The first tip to increase productivity at home office work is to have a suitable place to work. This space must be well determined: it is where you work and not where you rest or sleep. Therefore, do not work in bed or on the sofa. Of course, there are exceptions, and if you ever do it for a special reason, no problem. But, it should be a space that allows you to concentrate and have a minimum of comfort to do your tasks. Ideally, it should be an Pharmacies business email list exclusive room or a part of the house where there is not much traffic from other people. It should be comfortable and follow, as far as possible, the guidelines on lighting and temperature. And also be capable of video conferencing , when necessary. Always have it well organized, with the main work tools at your fingertips and clean. Avoid occupying it with other items in the house, especially those that you share

Share your schedule Use technology to avoid procrastination

with the people who live with you. If you do not have an exclusive environment, think of a space in your room or another place where you can be alone, without distractions. 2. Establish a routine Regardless of whether you work at home or in an office, your routine should be well defined. If you are independent or have flexible hours, determine a time to start and end work and make it a habit . Maybe every day you have a different activity and you have to adapt a little. But don’t stop planning it. Working managing your own time gives you more freedom, but also greater responsibilities. Therefore, use the power to your advantage to set your schedules and priorities, always respecting the deadlines of your client or the company you work for. Also organize a time for domestic and recreational activities. It can be before or after your work routine or

Share your schedule with those who live with you

Understand Share your schedule with

when you take a break between one activity and another. 3. Run away from distractions This is one of the most difficult points in home office work: at home there are many more distractions than in an office. Working out of the sight of your colleagues or your boss, you may use your cell phone or peers more to see a website that has nothing to do with what you are doing and lose your concentration . Therefore, start working by silencing cell phone notifications so as not to be distracted. If viewing messages is very important, create short pauses to do so. Another important point has to do with something that we have already said: the workplace you chose at home. Let other people know that it is necessary to respect your environment and work time. Certainly if you have young children this limit can be a bit more difficult to set. And in this case, the ideal is to also have clear routines for them and more breaks in your activities so that

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