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Sienge acquired Sales Builder, which is now also part of the same family as Sienge.

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Sienge acquired Sales Builder, which is now also part of the same family as Sienge.

CV-Constructor de Pharmaceutical Email Lists  Vendas has been one of Sienge’s integration partners since 2019. This means that Sienge customers have had access to the main CRM solutions in the real estate market for almost two years. Given the growth in the number of Sienge clients who saw advantages in their CV and, during this period, ended  Pharmaceutical Email Lists up hiring its services as well, everything indicated that the partnership was already a great success. Now, however, integration has become even more intense, having gone  Pharmaceutical Email Lists beyond virtual boundaries. In a strategic move, Sienge acquired Sales Builder, which is now also part of the same family as Sienge. In practice, the only expected change is a speed gain in the development and adoption of VC solutions and new technologies. After all, the CV now Pharmaceutical Email Lists  features the entire structure of Sienge and its corporate brand, Softplan. There are 30 years of history and 2,000 employees that bring a very significant boost to accelerate Pharmaceutical Email Lists  the evolution of CRM. To understand the importance of this movement, it is interesting to know a little about the history of CV, which was founded in Aracaju by three entrepreneurs: Fabio Garcez,


Toninho Garcez and  Pharmaceutical Email Lists Gabriel Manzano. Together, they developed a CRM capable of providing sophisticated management of the entire commercial journey of a property, from lead generation to post-sales related steps. In this way, CV conquered 90% of the Pharmaceutical Email Lists  market share of its market of origin, the State of Sergipe. Today, the solution is present in all  Pharmaceutical Email Lists states of Brazil, with a portfolio of 360 clients, including developers and real estate companies


. Sienge, which in turn Pharmaceutical Email Lists provides end-to-end solutions for all the business journeys of construction companies, saw a lot of synergy between the two companies . This synergy goes beyond business Pharmaceutical Email Lists  models and is mainly found in the sharing of values ​​and market vision, which promoted a natural  Pharmaceutical Email Lists

approximation between  doctorsemaillist the parties. The consequence of this approximation was the association between the brands, which now act together in the transformation of the construction industry

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