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Social networks that you may not know and can benefit your brand

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Social networks that you may not know and can benefit your brand

We share 5 social networks that maybe you did not know but that can be functional for your digital marketing strategies. The latest report from the Russia Mobile Database International Telecommunications Union (ITU) indicates that there are 3,200 million Internet users in the world, which means that Internet penetration reaches 43 percent of the world’s population. Related Notes Barcelona is the most active Spanish city on social media, according to a stud What should the Tokyo 2020 logo look like? Social networks respond What is a troll and how does it affect social networks? These figures give an idea of ​​the importance that the digital field has in the daily lives of consumers around the globe, as an effective channel to satisfy communication, information, and entertainment needs.

In this game, social networks play a leading role, with which in front of brands these interaction platforms are positioned as ideal vehicles to connect with specific niches of consumers in a more personal way. Thus spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, or Youtube are common elements in the digital marketing strategies of brands of all sizes. However, these social networks are not the only ones and it is possible to find different social networks to which users pay more and more attention. In this tenor, we share 5 social networks that perhaps you did not know but that can be functional for your digital marketing strategies: Bubblews

It is a platform that offers its subscribers a penny of the dollar for each like or response that their publications receive on that site. With the restrictions that the social network itself imposes – the content must be original, pornography cannot be published and the use of bots is prohibited – it is easy to identify effective content creators by themes, as well as influencers who can leverage a brand. Eventful Russia Mobile Number List

Ideal for small and medium brands looking to massively promote local events. On this platform, users have the opportunity to discover, promote and create events around the world. Soundcloud 5 tips for successful social media marketing A social network focused on the creation, distribution, and publication of audio content. Subscribers can like the clips posted by other users and leave comments at specific points in the audio, as well as share it on other social networks or insert it on a web page.

Let us remember that in the branding of a brand as well as in the experience it offers to the consumer, sounds are important. Medium Although it is not completely unknown, it is not among the most used social networks, a situation that results if the Brother Cell Phone List contribution it makes to the social networking environment is considered. Its main added value is to generate conversations through content in text format; In other words, it appears as a great ally for content marketing strategies. Pheed An alternative to YouTube that facilitates the task of sharing video, content in text format, music, and images. One of its great differentiators is that it offers an option for video pay-per-view, where each user sets the price of their content.

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