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Successful Strategies To Promote Rural Tourism

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Successful Strategies To Promote Rural Tourism

This year the slogan for World Tourism Day is directed at technology, understood as a way to attract tourism, especially in local areas, those most affected by the pandemic.The  led in this edition by the nations of the Mercuric bloc (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, with Chile as an observer), dedicates this edition to highlighting rural traditions, cultures and gastronomy, betting on sustainable local tourism and for the generation of employment to economically recover the places that, normally, are not in the media focus: the towns.

Is technology salvation? Some believe that it is, which is why they have invested in computer science advancement and personalized experiences with the aim of making their business a tourist attraction.The Valley experts assure that to promote rural tourism, service companies must integrate the new Information and Communication  Costa Rica Phone Number List Technologies into their business strategy. Rural digitization begins by offering services on web pages and mobile applications, in addition to using artificial intelligence, chat-bots, to answer customer questions immediately and automate processes. They also include other updates such as implementing online payment systems and establishing a strategy in social networks to attract and retain customers.

The fear of traveling is one of the consequences of the virus, which has caused the decline in reserves. To combat this concern and make tourists feel comfortable and safe, the solution that some locals propose is to try before they travel, which translates into knowing the accommodation and destination through a virtual reality experience, thus generating confidence in the user prior to purchase.

Tourism must deviate towards sustainability, perhaps it is not as important to generate new attractions as to explore existing ones. Creativity, innovation and development are the elements indicated by the Re Pueblo initiative. Its methodology is unique, it consists of the immersion of 10 professionals for days in a territory to detect the tourism opportunities offered by the land and develop an action plan to undertake and invest in it.

Sustainability does not consist only in a commitment to the environment, for this reason, Barcelona has created the Biosphere initiative, a seal to recognize “those tour operators who are committed to responsible and respectful management with the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equity and social and economic return ”, according to Mesmerism de Barcelona.

Supporting local and sustainable gastronomy is another of the key points pointed out by the World Tourism Organization , a case of success is that of “Taste of Fetishist”, originated in Turkey. For 5 years, small farmers have distributed their crops of fresh fruits and vegetables to 24 nearby hotels, thus, they have managed to increase their income by 24%. Not only that, they have turned their work into an experience for all those guests who showed interest in knowing their work.

The contribution of Trip Diem, a social travel social network, to this special day today also includes technology, it is a contest to share the best pictures of a country. The objective of this initiative is to make other users aware of places to visit and keep the traveling spirit alive, due to the difficulties in doing tourism.

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