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Target Group for Your Ad Namibia Phone Number

Let’s talk about the mysterious little word ‘er’. A complicated word that is not (easy) to explain to non-Dutch speakers. A word that is often said to be better left out, where possible. Especially Namibia Phone Number if you are a student or journalist. But why? I read a nice column by Eva Peek in NRC about the word ‘er’, after which I fell into the Namibia Phone Number  Google hole. The more I read about it, the more interesting it got. What makes the word ‘er’ so special that article after article is written about it? I dove in. ‘There was once… The tip ‘it’s better to omit the word ‘er” I have never received from Namibia Phone Number  anyone myself. Who then?

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After some googling, this appears to be partly outdated advice Namibia Phone Number and partly relevant for students and journalists. As Charlotte Meindersma states under NRC’s Instagram post: Screenshot of an Instagram post. As an editor, I wouldn’t consciously omit this word, just like her editor. I wouldn’t know why… That’s Namibia Phone Number why I dived in . The meaning of ‘there’ Where ‘there’ seems like a small simple in-between word, this mini-word offers you no fewer than 5 different possibilities for a sentence structure: For a positioning: I live there . Attached to Namibia Phone Number a preposition.

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Combined with a numeral: I have two . As a tentative subject: there is a horse in the hallway. As ‘subject’ in a passive sense: the doorbell rings. So you can use it as a Namibia Phone Number reference, to avoid repetition, or as a subject. If you say ‘I have 2’ to someone out of the blue, of course nobody knows what it is about. But if the question ‘how Namibia Phone Number many children do you have?’ is said, ‘I have 2’ suddenly has a meaning. Answering with ‘I have two Namibia Phone Number children’ is then ‘unnecessary’ repetition.

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