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The 5 most common complaints on social media

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The 5 most common complaints on social media

Not only is it cheaper to retain a customer than to win a new one, but keeping customers happy is easier than convincing an angry customer. What can you learn from the most common complaints on social media?Did you know that customers can spend between 3 and 20 percent more if you answer their questions? Or that 42 percent of customers who complain on social networks expect a response in less than an hour?It is inevitable for any business: at some point, a customer is going to complain.Dissatisfaction can occur for many reasons: some because of the company, some because of the customer’s misunderstanding, but all must be resolved in some way. Most of the time, the client simply VP Risk Email Lists wants to make sure someone is listening. The worst thing you can do is ignore it. Do you want to create engagement with your client? You should create a map for the most common complaints on social media.Some companies do nothing when customers complain about not receiving a response from a representative after asking a question or voicing a complaint.

The channels you use should match the preferences of your audience: if they contact you on Twitter, reply on Twitter; Jeez, don’t tell them to direct message or email you!It is also important not to take too long to respond. On Twitter, for example, it is ideal to respond in 15 minutes, while in live chat, it should not take more than a minute.This is perhaps one of the most frustrating things for customers.To avoid having to repeat your story over and over to different agents, you need a monitoring tool.Customer service representatives must take responsibility for each inquiry, making first contact resolution a prioritized metric .One of the reasons customers lose their patience is because they switch from one channel to another… and rep!In most cases, the reason for this is that the responding service agent doesn’t know what to do and expects someone else to know… so he kicks the ball… which is the same as kicking the customer.It’s just too frustrating when asking for support, having to waste time identifying and describing a problem in detail, only to find that an operator can’t help.Ensuring that staff are trained in all aspects of a product or service can be a difficult task… but customers don’t want their request referred to a supervisor while they are on hold.

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Do you want to laugh? See what the IZZI community manager responds… They tell him he has no signal and asks him what message he sees on the screen!Sometimes the staff just don’t know the solution.The problem is when agents try to cover it up with false professionalism and inform clients of what they think it Doctors Email List is.They promise to solve a problem or report that they will fix it soon. After a while, when nothing happens, the client discovers that it was all a lie. He gets angry, stops trusting … and yes … he hates your company.The most important thing in this case is to admit if you don’t know. You can use responses like, “That’s a good question, let me check it out” or “Can you give me a second? I want to make sure I give you the correct answer. “Customers don’t expect customer service to be perfect, but they do expect you to help them. Companies should not be afraid to admit that they are unsure about something. That is much better than making up any lie.Complaints of this type are very common, but the solution is simple: never promise anything that cannot be delivered.It is difficult to recover from broken promises. When you are faced with such a situation, you always have to:

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