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The advantages of making a Thank You Page

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The advantages of making a Thank You Page

The Thank You Page serves, in the first place, to confirm to the lead that the action has been successful. If necessary, make it clear to him what steps to take next, as you have seen in the example above. For you, it means that you have captured a lead with free materials or that you have completed a conversion process. But wait. This does not mean that your work ends there. You can use it to prolong the relationship with your customer, build loyalty and increase your conversion rate even more. That is, take advantage of the moment to offer more solutions to your pain. What are the advantages of making a Thank You Page? As you have seen in the previous topic, there are two advantages: that of confirming to the lead that his action has been carried out successfully and that of continuing to interact with him, being able to turn him into a customer. It

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is a good opportunity to offer him new content so that he becomes even more interested in your business. Finally, with the Acknowledgments Page you can also make a better qualification of the leads . Now we go to the practical part that you are surely waiting for: how to start creating yours. We see it? How to make a Thank You Page? There are several ways to make a Thank You Page that will pay off for your business. Follow these tips below and see how! 1. Place links to other of your channels One of the advantages that the Thank You Page offers you is that it allows the lead to know other communication  Tools (Wholesale) business email list 
channels of your company. Therefore, having a button that takes you to a blog, to social networks, or to your YouTube channel is one of the most used resources by entrepreneurs. For the best top of the sales funnel strategies , this functionality is perfect! 2. Make a new offer This is an opportunity to expand, not only your lead’s

the advantages of making a Thank You Page

What are the advantages of making a Thank You Page

experience, but also to sell more. You can show an offer for a product that complements the first one you bought or the material you have already downloaded. If the person has registered their personal data, you have the possibility to offer them a more personalized product, according to Give him more than one option This is a good alternative for those who are also on the top of the funnel strategy and want to get to know their lead better. They are products related to the first one that the person has downloaded. For example, if you have already offered him a guide to making videos, you can leave him a button that takes him to content on this topic on your YouTube channel. In this way, you can have even more information about the person, know their pains and create your buyer person to provide better and better solutions. 4. Test, test, test!

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