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The day of the Transmission We verify the equipment

Doctors Email List you will find all kinds of email lists in the world. Only we provide the email database well because you will get all kinds of updated email database from us. We are the best email database provider, Because in our Doctors Email List we like to store and verify with the human eye, we can say that our doctors email list contains 100% data of a total of 300 billion records. We can say that we have a record of 400 billion consumer records. You will find our Doctors Email List on a business and consumer selection and permission basis.

The day of the Transmission We verify the equipment

As said we use our own page and, to create it, our developer inserts the code of the YouTube live that we configure together with the OBS. For the management of comments, we use the and the monthly value of this tool is 9 dollars. We opted to use our own page to use YouTube’s excellent quality streaming and, likewise, be able to insert buttons and arts that help in the dynamics of the webinar. The use of an external page demands another comment system and, therefore, we use the to capture all messages from the audience. If you want to do the same, confirm that your channel is enabled for external page broadcasts.  The. Transmission

The Transmission write backup emails

Check, go to and see if the following 3 settings are enabled. Live streaming; Enabled Embed; Longer videos. If they are not enabled, follow YouTube’s recommendations to reverse this, The day of the Transmission 10- We verify the equipment To ensure nothing goes out in the middle of the stream, we check all equipment and get everything ready hours before we start. If you are not  Wood Products Nec (Manufacturers) business email list studying (as is the case with most entrepreneurs), remember to notify everyone in your home or office about the webinar, asking that noise be reduced during that period. 11 – We write backup emails We do everything to make the transmission a success and that no unforeseen happens, however, anything can happen. We write emails in

The day of the Transmission We verify the equipment

We breathe deeply and start the Transmission

Case the transmission falls and we leave them previously configured. In this way, we have the speed to resume transmission and send a new link. 12- We send the transmission link About 30 minutes before, we sent , an email with the link to enter the transmission page. You can use the email service of your choice, but be aware of the time it takes to deliver the email. 13 – We breathe deeply and start We are not actors and many of our guests have little intimacy with the camera, so it is normal to be nervous during the broadcast. The secret is in the rehearsal that we do days before and in the naturalness. Showing exactly who you are and focusing on passing relevant content is the best advice we can give you. And you? Are you already preparing your own webinars

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