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The design of the barricades

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The design of the barricades

Filled with earth or with stakes chains cobblestones etc to defend themselves to take cover from the enemy. This tactic, has been used for a long time and in. France we are very proud of it in particular thanks to Eugène Delacroixs painting Liberty Leading the People. Painting on which I was successfully interviewed during the last stage of the Paris Decorative. Arts competition, a painting that will have brought me luck If Im talking about all this its because. Arte published, a program on the barricades a fascinating subject obviously topical. But which has its symbolic origins in Paris on May with Barricades Day.

Your activist & independent agenda

This day took place during the Wars of Religion which opposed Catholics and Protestants in the century. France and saw the capital become covered with piles of rubbish and barrels filled with stones to obstruct the royal troops. Barricades are revisited, today in all protests demonstrations revolutions and wars. We find them made with chairs photo background removing during blockades of universities with snow in. Eastern countries, like Ukraine with bricks too. Roadblocks are also a contemporary and mobile form of barricades on major roads. A subject that is constantly being revisited and reinvented. Reading me for several years you know that emojis are a fascinating subject for me since they link graphics communication politics and diversion.

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Sociology of emojis

I had already written, you this article on the use of hashtagmoji on the appearance of new emojis. On the impoverishment, of language or on the fact of being able to remember your feelings with emojis. Moreover when I was a design researcher at ENSADLab years ago I was studying the emotional relationship in digital and social networks. Fascinating subject, that Doctors Email List has never left me since. Still years, doesn’t make me any younger Why am I telling you all of this Simply because. I had a lot of fun watching this series of Arte documentaries entitled Emoji Nation. These documentaries tell how emojis were invented drawn. Thought out chosen, installed in our smartphones used diverted censored etc. Shigetaka Kurita designer, of the first emojis to Rayouf. Alhumedhi originator of the hijab emoji take us on a their curiosity and passion.

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