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The digital transformation in Brazil

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The digital transformation in Brazil

The use of technologies  Network Marketing Contact List such as Big Data and artificial intelligence is also already a reality in some companies. Naturally, developed countries lead this movement, which is due to several elements, such as government investments, economic freedom Network Marketing Contact List  and quality of infrastructure. A Harvard Business Review survey compares the level of competitiveness between some countries and divides them into 4 zones, according to Network Marketing Contact List  their technological development and digital transformation. Some examples you can check out below: forwards: Norway, Sweden, Canada,

Denmark and South Korea; Network Marketing Contact List  highlighted: Singapore, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates; attention: Egypt, South Network Marketing Contact List  Africa, Peru and Pakistan;  Network Marketing Contact List and obstructed: Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya and Bangladesh.

Network Marketing Contact List

Some developed  Network Marketing Contact List countries like the United States, Germany and  doctorsemaillist England have access to technology and good infrastructure, but they are not as advanced in digital. In these cases, they must still  Network Marketing Contact List innovate in order to continue growing in the area. Brazil appears at an intersection that indicates Network Marketing Contact List  that investments in digital transformation are still low, but that the potential is great.

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