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The digital transformation in civil construction

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The digital transformation in civil construction

Dell, in partnership with  Nurse Email List Intel, conducted a survey of 4,600 business leaders in 42 countries. According to the report, Brazil has all the characteristics necessary to become one of the most digitally  Nurse Email List developed nations in the world. One of the elements that influence this is the number of new companies in the country, which are already born with the digital transformation in the core  Nurse Email List business. At the same time, many entrepreneurs do not believe that investing in digital transformation is relevant

, and very few treat the  Nurse Email List issue with priority or, when they intend to follow trends, they do not have well-defined plans. In part, this may be due to a lack of knowledge about the concept of digital Nurse Email List transformation, often associated only with digital marketing and technological solutions. In fact, it is important to note  Nurse Email List that, in order to innovate, it is also necessary to change paradigms, processes and business models. In Brazil,

we are slowly advancing in  Nurse Email List this direction. Labor reform, for example, provides more flexibility with remote work, which is also a way to  Nurse Email List

Nurse Email List

office costs. Harvard doctorsemaillist  Business Review research indicates, in fact, that in an emerging market like ours, automation can help in a  Nurse Email List population aging scenario. It is a way to maintain GDP when we do not have as much labor in the market.

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