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The Power Of The Image And Storydoing In Times Of Pandemic

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The Power Of The Image And Storydoing In Times Of Pandemic

Undoubtedly, the unprecedented and unexpected is the order of the day. Although giants in the sector such as Labelled, Amazon, among others, have been able to withstand the economic onslaught as a result of an economic situation that is still shaky due to the effects of  small and medium-sized companies still present. great difficulties that may force them to cease operations. Recently, as we have pointed out in one of our articles, story doing is the leap of storytelling, and the first is emerging, together with the well-used resource of the image, in a viable alternative to be used in favor not only of the company, but also for improve the customer experience in an adverse climate. Let’s see why.

The individual experience underpinned by the image
One of the key factors when it comes to enhancing the positive emotions of the client and achieving the consolidation in their memory is undoubtedly the image and photography as the focal point of the brand and its values. However, we must go further, and generate and link individual customer experiences with the image. We must pay attention to its details, including the watermark as a reflection of the company’s values. In this regard, quality applications such as Watermark allow the crystallization of such values ​​with powerful and professional tools. The simple and effective development of a watermark is also extremely useful for the enhancement of each product image.

Now, although a well-told story is extremely powerful next to the photography that highlights our products, the effort involved in joining the storytelling with the image can be diluted if we cannot create individual experiences that have enough empathy with the public so that they remain in time, especially in this adverse situation caused by the corona-virus. At this point, it is worth highlighting some extraordinary examples of how individual experiences can bring out the best in experiences if story-doing and photography forge alliance. Let’s see.

As for brands such as H&M and Prada, among others, their titanic task of producing the greatest quantity of quality masks and Personal Protective Equipment of manufacturing garments, constitutes a phenomenon where storytelling is crossed together with a situation health whose human reach is very difficult to measure. Well-being is placed above selfishness here, and this will be a powerful testimony for the future. While , a company whose reason for being is transportation, calls us to stay at home, to prioritize what is really important and to show solidarity with our fellow human beings.

This is an issue that can be highly controversial and cause differences regarding generating an appropriate approach to story doing alongside the image during the difficult scenarios posed by the corona virus. Certainly, story-doing as a generator of individual experiences can be affected by mobility restrictions and social distancing. Now  Cambodia Phone Number List  less than ever it is desired that the brand, due to the absence of particular experiences of each client, acquires a colder and more distant character. Nothing more harmful. So digital manifests its limits when it collides with specific situations of restrictions associated with quarantines.  it is the obligation of each brand to seek the opportunity to create individual although more rare, yes much more valuable in terms of reflecting the best that the company has to offer.

Renewal and resilience: are they enough?
More than concepts, these constitute today a fundamental part of the approach and action of each brand, each entrepreneur in complex pandemic situations. By themselves and without constant tuning and adaptation, they could hardly save a company. However, these elements, although sometimes they do not push the closure away, in many others they do encourage the creation of new horizons in story-doing and in the image as engines so that the most significant of the brand manifests itself and helps it survive.

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