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The value of trademark registration in Mexico

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The value of trademark registration in Mexico

Before starting to talk about the value of the trademark registration in Mexico, I would like, if the reader allows me, to contextualize the concept The value of trademark registration in Mexico

What is a trademark?
“A trademark is understood to be any sign perceptible by the senses and capable of being represented in a way that allows determining the clear and precise object of the protection, which distinguishes products or services from others of the same kind or class in the market. , Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property We know brands that, with just one word or a set of words, put us in context with the company itself. They may have a design, logo, and there may even be scent, sound and image-related marks of a distinctive packaging, of a product or service.

What is the importance of trademark registration?
The trademark registration takes effect in countries where they are registered. Its Belgium Phone Number List  validity is ten years, and can be renewed for equal periods. You must know that your brand is the first thing your client perceives, the first thing that comes to their senses; and at this moment even more since you can register a brand in Mexico for a smell or sound so that people can identify your company.

The value of your brand is immeasurable, since it goes much more than the cost of its registration. It is worth the time it took to build your business, all the effort from you and your team to achieve the results you have at this moment and that can definitely help you to be even bigger. In other words, your brand is what differentiates you from other companies, what makes it unique from your competition. Your brand will never be an expense, it will always be an investment. It is normal that when someone starts, they have many operational commitments such as: salaries, lease, taxes, equipment and many etc. And it is obvious that they do not want to have “expenses” And this is the main reason why most entrepreneurs take time to register their trademark with the .

This is a serious mistake. And the worst thing is that there are still many people who continue to make the same mistake. The reason is that, when they want to register the trademark, because the enterprise has already begun to grow. It turns out that registration is impossible because there is a registered company that may be the same or similar and that could protect the same products or services. And this is a very common thing! When in reality, trademark registration is extremely inexpensive and in Mexico it is valid for 10 years.

In summary, all the expertise and the positioning that you achieve of your name or image with your clients, online or offline media is a value that you are giving to your brand. In addition, it is vital that it is protected. Since it is well known that, if you do not register it, you will not have the opportunity to defend yourself if a competitor wants to “hang” on your reputation that you have acquired with so much effort I can assure you that companies like

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