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The world’s largest sanctuary dedicated to Santa

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The world’s largest sanctuary dedicated to Santa

The architectural  poland cell phone number format work in Cássia – designed by the architects Adriano Dias Agushi and Tiago Castro – is inspired by other imposing sanctuaries, such as: Aparecida, in the interior of São Paulo, in Fátima, in Portugal and in the Monastery of poland cell phone number format  Santa Rita, in Italy. “The new sanctuary is a grandiose project designed to provide more accessibility, comfort and safety to visitors, not lagging behind any other religious poland cell phone number format  center. Since the beginning of construction, 4,000 m³ of concrete,sacks of cemetons of stones and 500 tons of sand have already been used,” says Gustavo Bormann, the engineer responsible for the work. Construction of the new sanctuary, which began in August 2018, includes a 40,000 m² main poland cell phone number format  church, which will accommodate 5,000 seated people and another 2,000 standing. On the facades neoclassical details that interact with modernism. In the internal environment, large spans designed to facilitate the

movement of a greater  poland cell phone number format number of visitors. In the decoration, large liturgical paintings by the sacred artist Romolo Picoli, which portray the life of Saint Rita de Cassia and Jesus Christ. In addition, colorful stained glass windows and a large altar inspired by  poland cell phone number format ancient temples. “We stick to the smallest details. We even built two ladders that will capture up to 60,000 m² of rainwater. In addition, the roof is made of thermo-acoustic tiles, produced with non-toxic material, which guarantees greater  poland cell phone number format safety for visitors”, says the engineer. In addition to the main church, there are also annexes with restrooms, changing rooms, changing rooms, a candle, the Casa dos Padres,


and a shopping center  doctorsemaillist with space for 48 fast food and religious items stores. There will also be parking for more than a thousand vehicles and 200 buses, in addition to a helipad with capacity for three aircraft. The place also poland cell phone number format has a replica of Santa Rita de Cássia’s house, with all the details, from furniture and decorative objects poland cell phone number format  made with iron to the finishing of the walls with stone, wood and white brick. A true copy of the Tuscans, referring to the story of the saint’s passage to the  poland cell phone number format monastery in Italy. In the external area of ​​the sanctuary, there is a landscaping with native plants of the time and a large vine. In addition, a large bed of roses will be built, as it is also known as the ‘santa das rosas’.

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