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These are the Digital Commerce trends for this year

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These are the Digital Commerce trends for this year

What features will define the Interior Designers Emil List  online purchases that Spanish consumers will make during the next year? Trusted Shop is one of the most important labels in the digital store sector and has carried out a study from which the following trends emerge: Shopping through smartphones As we imagined, mobile phones Interior Designers Emil List are going to become the most used shopping device. Did you know that during 2018 more than 63% of Spaniards used their smartphone to make purchases? 2019 will be a period in which the increase in this type of transaction Interior Designers Emil List will reach its maximum level. This will require a responsive web design that is capable of adapting to all types of devices. More Interior Designers Emil List  economical and agile distribution According to the Trusted Shop website, Spanish buyers and customers have found a significant improvement in delivery times and prices.

71% of buyers have perceived a Interior Designers Emil List  greater streamlining at the logistics level and a multiplication of immediate shipping services. In addition, they have also perceived greater optimization of online stores, which today allow precise monitoring of orders and greater ease when formalizing return processes. The marketplace gains ground Interior Designers Emil List During the next year there will also be a change in the way of consumption. And it is estimated that users will prefer to make their purchases through marketplaces. In this sense, the websites of stores and Interior Designers Emil List manufacturers will lose prominence. This above all will be very visible in certain sectors that have to do with the technology or sports sector. Higher value purchases Spaniards have spent an average of 1,903 euros in online purchases during 2018.

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In addition, little by little we have Interior Designers Emil List  been financing our purchases through the network. It is doctorsemaillist estimated that during the next year the volume of purchases of more expensive but also financed items will increase. Technological advance Big data and artificial intelligence will be much more present during the purchase processes. The implementation Interior Designers Emil List  of chat bots and other automated solutions will undoubtedly be a highlight. However, it is expected that the implementation of chat bots will not be complete until 2020. And you, have you also made the Interior Designers Emil List leap to buying digitally or do you still prefer to go to stores to see the product in person? Let us know in a comment!

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