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Tips to know how to position a video on YouTube

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Tips to know how to position a video on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most  List Building for MLM popular platforms on the web. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult to position videos in the first positions of the search results. Here are four basic and very important tips to increase your visibility within this platform: Always put the title of the video To ensure that your video is positioned  List Building for MLM correctly you must optimize your titles. On the one hand, keep in mind that these should not exceed 70 characters. In addition, it will be very important that you take into account what will be the keyword you want to work on  List Building for MLM and include it. Don’t forget that YouTube users will be able to locate your video through it. In addition, it also works the conceptual point of view: It works on short


, direct solutions that List Building for MLM  generate impact. Also, creating a call to action will make your video more attractive to users. Some examples are: “Tutorial on …” or “How to get …”. Fill in the video description The keyword you are working on should also appear in the description between two and three times. Make sure you put it in the first 150 characters to improve the results. In addition, it is also recommended that you include  List Building for MLM synonyms for the main keyword and long tails, in this way you will increase the reach. Do not overlook that your users will see the first two lines of the description when sharing your content on social networks and  List Building for MLM within your own YouTube channel. What is the most suitable extension?

List Building for MLM

About 300 words is a good  List Building for MLM length. Also, do not forget to include links of interest within it: One so that they subscribe to your channel, your blog or your social  doctorsemaillist networks. Include Tags or Tags Tags will help you highlight those words or categories that are related to the List Building for MLM  content of your video and therefore are relevant. To identify which are the most interesting you can use the VidIQ tool and from it you can  List Building for MLM inspect videos similar to yours. Knowing which tags your competition uses, you can optimize your strategy and improve results.

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