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Website or Facebook page… what should I have for my digital marketing?

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Website or Facebook page… what should I have for my digital marketing?

Website or Facebook page which is best for your digital marketing? It is a common question in these times of social networks … in fact you might ask yourself, do you really need a website?The website or Facebook page question is one that many small business owners today are having. And thanks to the growing evolution of social media platforms, building online relationships with prospects is now easier than ever. In fact, as reported by AdWeek , there are over 40 million active small business pages on Facebook… but does it work for them?In recent years, the social platform has continuously introduced tools for SMEs , and new updates focused on preventing users from leaving the site. If you’ve ever tried to share a video hosted on Facebook with a non-Facebook user, you know this is practically impossible… because videos on Facebook have no “home” outside of Facebook, which means your friend must visit the social network to view it (whether you have an account or not).

As if that were not enough, Facebook now also gives a greater “organic weight” to the content consumed on its own site, limiting the reach of those links that are sent to users outside of Facebook. In addition, today it allows you to upload your business products to its network to build your store, and today it even has paid tools to Peru Phone Number List  generate leads It may sound tempting, but wait… don’t leave your website just yet. If you plan to be successful on the internet and even on social media, you will need your website to be the center of your entire strategy… just like you read it… the center.As we will show below, optimizing your company’s website is key to growing your business, especially if you plan to have an attraction marketing strategy.Here we will explain why business websites are not outdated, but more alive than ever.

The competition on Facebook is fierce. As reported by BuzzSumo, the average number of contacts with brand-created Facebook posts has dropped dramatically. This is due to the fact that Facebook has been closing the organic reach (users who see your site through unpaid publications). Statistically it is less than 6% of all your followers.Additionally, more content is now being created than time to absorb it. The more pages someone likes and the more friends they have to interact with, the competition for a space on their wall becomes extremely complex and it is almost impossible for them to break through.

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If you compare that to your company’s website, where you have the absolute attention of the people who visit it, even if it is only for a few seconds, there is a huge difference. Of course you will say that people go to Facebook alone by choice and of their own free will … and not your site. True, but the fact that they go to Doctors Email List  Facebook does not mean that they go to your page there. As we pointed out, it is very likely that not even a single publication of yours will appear on their wall.So the question is, would you have to do something to drive traffic to your site? Yes, but trust us, with a little attraction and content marketing , it’s easy to do.Companies that practice attraction marketing and use content marketing techniques may have strong competition to appear in the first places of Google at the beginning, but that competition will decrease significantly over time if you have a constant effort of content creation. .

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