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What can we learn from China in times of Coronavirus

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What can we learn from China in times of Coronavirus

he coronavirus has Ailment Mailing List been a nightmare for the whole world, in fact China was the first country that was forced to deal with this virus. However, China has been a great example in how to handle this crisis, either by its good or bad decisions. That is why it is important that we learn a little and make good decisions.When all this began, in December of last year we never imagined that this virus that so many national and international media were talking about would reach our countries, however, it is a reality and the virus has already affected and collapsed the health and economic systems of all the world.In this article we tell you what we must learn in China in times of coronavirus , it is time to make good decisions in this stage of crisis.

The coronavirus has come to directly affect the health of human beings as a single race. They do not understand nationality, socioeconomic status or sex; collapsing healthcare systems around the world.The current crisis has only shown that no country was prepared for this type of disease that takes the lives of thousands of people around the world. But it has also been seen that in times of crisis, the human being also brings out the best of himself. The universal vaccine, something that was previously only talked about at conferences (like this one by Bill Gates), has come to be commented on by everyone. This gives hope that the different countries of the world and the scientific community will join economic and political efforts for the common good of the human being. Will we be facing a solidarity boom ? I wish!

Finally, some tips to doctorsemaillist apply in these moments of crisis that will help you to be more empathetic with users and, hopefully, more sales:Meet the new consumer who created the crisis. What changes has your ehavioundergone? What changes has it brought about in society?Think, draw and theorize about how the new Buyer Journey that this consumer will walk will be like when purchasing your service or product. Spoiler alert: it will be different than the current one.)Invest in customer experience. It is time to buillastingrelationships and the opportunity is there.Show empathy. We know that many companies are not having their best time and it is very easy to fall into despair. This is not the time for this, that it does not cause you to generate insensitive sales

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