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What Consumers Want in the New Normal

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What Consumers Want in the New Normal

In the decades to come, historians will be forced to give this time period an official name. It will surely be something like the years of the Great Pandemic. In this framework, what do people expect from brands? How do they expect them to behave now? What do consumers want in the new normal?Chaotic times often act as catalysts for change, or at least accelerate changes that were already underway. If your brand hasn’t been forced to reassess customer relationships, then you’re in an extremely lucky minority.And even though these expectations were raised when the pandemic was still in Singapore Phone Number List its early stages, these expectations are likely to hold long after the times we are currently living in. This is mainly because these behaviors that audiences are expecting from brands result in a more trustworthy, collaborative and better informed relationship between companies and their customers.

Now, as beneficial as these suggestions may be, they are still fairly broad and abstract. So the best thing is to see real steps that brands can take.While the Edelman report focused on consumer reactions and expectations in times of Coronavirus, the reality is that there are huge benefits for brands when they become a trusted source of information for their customers and prospects.No one expects a brand to hire a news team, however continuously providing details of their industry that add value to their audience is a great way to increase awareness and trust in them.Few brands understand the power of content marketing . They think that it is a tool to exclusively bring sales… and today, consumers easily identify and are tired of this type of posture.Here are four things to keep in mind if you intend to truly include these types of actions in your marketing and / or communication strategy:

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Be newsworthy. Like any media, news must be relevant, timely and useful to the audience. Self-promotion in tough times is a very quick way to lose credibility. The same applies to old news: if your customers already know what you are going to say, they will quickly stop listening.Be accessible. Let your customers interact with your brand. Questions should be answered quickly, including offering a point of contact if Doctors Email List there are experts willing to help.To be consistent. Maintain the quality of content at a high level and deliver these consistently. If it’s going to be published daily, stick with it; If you are going to do it once a week, do it like this without fail.Be honest about strengths and weaknesses. Users need to be guided to a better source of information if we believe it will help them more effectively. Zappos , the world’s most beloved shoe retailer, has become famous for its customer service, and their success stories include precisely those where they recommend rival brands if they can solve their customers’ problems.Communities start with conversation, and good conversations start when you listen carefully. What is your brand telling your current and potential customers? Just buy me messages? That does not work now … What do consumers want in the new normal?It is necessary to think, How can you help them?Beyond creating and maintaining a good content site, keeping social networks active is vital; You need to post regularly and respond quickly and empathetically to any queries.

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