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What Is Copywriting And Why Can It Help You Sell More (Even If There Is A Crisis)

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What Is Copywriting And Why Can It Help You Sell More (Even If There Is A Crisis)

When a business experiences a sales crisis, or suffers the consequences of a general economic crisis, it has to face very difficult decisions. Something critical is selling. It is priority number 1. To do this, many who did not have an internet presence launch themselves on all kinds of platforms. They start generating content on a blog, create their website, open accounts on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Later, some of them jump into email marketing and even launch an online course or new product. All these strategies have caused some companies to skyrocket their sales and even have to expand their team. However, for others it has brought ruin and they have had to close. Why so different results? By sheer luck? Not always.

Success in a business does not have a single quantitative variable, there are many elements that must be taken into account. For example, the first and most important thing is the product or service itself that the company sells. It has to be really good and meet certain needs (or wants) of the public. On the other hand, that product, service, brand must be exposed for sale. It is like a physical business that is on a very little trafficked street, but a constant flow of people pass through the other. And, something also very important, is the way to convey a correct message that persuades you to sell. Let’s go back to the examples from before.

“Launching to set up a website is a simple task: you put a few photos of your premises, your product and your team, write a few short texts and publish it on your social networks … You’ll see how customers rain on you. ” Well, it is not as easy as it might sound. Behind a successful website there is a lot of work. But do not think that only a beautiful design is the most important thing to get customers. No. In fact, there are blank pages with only text and some images that sell much more than other more elaborate pages. What is the difference? The texts. Write for your target audience. The mistake that many make is talking only about them. Think about these examples to see if you have seen any website with these descriptions:

This does not sell. That is, it is good to show what you are good at, your accolades, your authority. But focus on your potential client, their needs and their wants. And when you talk about yourself, be more specific and give exact numbers, and use simple language that everyone can understand. Social media and email marketing are the order of the day. But creating attractive content for your audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and your email list involves much more than publishing the same thing on all networks and mail. You must know what types of people follow you on each platform and adapt your publications to the most attractive format.

And both in the networks and in the emails, do not forget the call to action. They may contact you, visit your website, and things like leave a comment  Benin Phone Number List or answer an email. Finally, behind a launch there is a lot of work: preparation of the registration page, numerous emails, webinars, downloadable documents, etc. And what is everything made of? Of words.  that lead to action, to purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good communication strategy.

As you can see, I have focused on talking to you about the texts you need on your website, email marketing, social networks and launches. And it is that words make the difference between generating distrust and rejection, and trust that leads to the sale. It is true that a beautiful design can attract, but what will guide a person until they buy from you is how you communicate (and of course, not make spelling mistakes).

If you have already felt the need to improve the texts of your communication and sales strategies, it is time to name it and discover how to work on it. Years ago, it was a very rarely used term in Spanish, but it has been used in the English-speaking market for many years, especially in the United States. In fact, the most recognized copywriters are from that country. But what is copy writing? This facet of digital marketing consists of using words to persuade the reader to take a certain action, commonly selling.


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