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What is e-commerce?

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What is e-commerce?

In the 21st century, have you never bought absolutely anything online? If so, nothing happens, we will explain what e-commerce is step by step as if you had just come out of a time machine from the 90s. But if you have made an economic transaction online, you already have, at least, notions that we will expand on in the next few paragraphs. So, in any case, keep reading!To adjust to the exact meaning of this term, we will say that it is about the processes of buying and selling products through the internet . However, this definition may be too short to explain the large number of processes and variants it encompasses.Generally, when we refer to this term, we usually think of an online store . However, there are many other platforms through which e-commerce services can be carried out. Through traditional web pages, blogs, landing page and Facebook fanpage you can buy articles and services without any problem.Depending on the way in which the income is generated and the sales process, we can understand that there are different types of e-commerce . Some of the most common are:

New Zealand B2B Phone List store: surely you have ever seen one. It is the online version of a physical store . The brand has a more or less limited catalog in which you can choose the product that you like the most. To later buy it through the payment method you choose. Subsequently, the company sends you the product through a transport : for the user, this is an online store like any other, but the difference lies in who sends the product. Although the user buys in store X, it is the company of the purchased product that is responsible for shipping. In this way, the online store is a mere intermediary that takes a commission per sale.
Affiliation: in this case the seller of the product does not have an online store itself, but a catalog that takes the buyer to an external sales website , such as Amazon. There the transaction takes place and, therefore, this platform takes a commission. It is a good option if you don’t want to have your own online store.

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Marketplace : this process is very similar to the previous one, only in this case the seller does not even have their own website that leads to the marketplace (or, at least, not necessarily). A brand can Doctors Email List sell its products directly through these platforms trusting that the search for its products through them will bring them sales.Membership: it is a kind of subscription to receive, from time to time, a product or service. A good example is cosmetic or makeup surprise boxes that are shipped once a month. In this way, the company ensures a recurring charge every month without the need for the user to return to the web again and again.Services: the characteristics of electronic commerce not only apply to the sale of products, services, training, consultancies can also be sold … That is, any type of exchange of time for money.

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