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What is the ideal size of an influencer’s audience?

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What is the ideal size of an influencer’s audience?

Dear Marketer, I am going to tell you a secret that you may have heard before. What I have to say may not be to your liking, but here it goes anyway. Size does not matter. Every time you wonder what the ideal size of an influencer’s audience is, remember it very well. Everything you have is irrelevant if you don’t know exactly what to do with it.It seems like a no-brainer. However, saying so is necessary. Too often, when brands undertake an influencer marketing strategy, they set about finding the right people to make alliances and targeting those with the largest number of followers. The biggest number! Thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions. A number that, no matter how large, does not mean anything … Does the number of followers of an influencer mean nothing? Read on and find out why.

Imagine that one person offers to give you a million dollars, and another offers you exactly the same amount in euros if you decline the first gift. Which of the offers would you choose? It is exactly the same number, only by this point you may have already started evaluating the value of the coin. It’s not like that?Now let’s move on to a more crude and real example. You walk down the street, you have a sandwich in your bag, and you find a couple Qatar Phone Number List of children who are probably homeless. You think you can give them the food you carry, but just then, your child shows that he is very hungry. Then you remember that it is late, just got out of school and has not eaten yet. Who do you give the sandwich to? How many factors influence that decision? Did you take the figures into account?

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At first glance you would think that the examples are crude. However, there is a very clear relationship between those two choices and what is the ideal size of an influencer’s audience. It’s called value.Before making any decision, people evaluate the value of each of our options beyond the numbers. This value can be practical, symbolic or emotional and is defined through a long series of factors.The influence of a person on an  Doctors Email List audience does not depend so much on its size, as on their ability to play with all these factors to directly impact their perception of value .Noted guru Seth Godin notes that “marketing on a very large scale runs the risk of sacrificing what makes you special in the first place.” The more massive something is, the less value it has. The more unique, the more valuable.Unlike traditional media, social media is not intended for the masses. They are made to build relationships; that makes them intimate by nature. That is the main reason why you need to forget about the masses and start talking to people who belong to the same tribe.To meet this goal, your best allies are not the influencers who have millions of followers and who “everyone” follows. They are the micro-influencers .

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