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What you should NEVER do on Linke din

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What you should NEVER do on Linke din

Linkedin has become more relevant in recent years. As a professional social network it has matured a lot and it must be said, the possibilities of doing business have grown considerably. However, also the bad practices that are even committed due to ignorance, what should you NEVER do on Linkedin?I receive on my Linkedin requests to contact almost daily, but among them, at least 2 a week make a terrible mistake. Which?Try to do business immediately after the contact is accepted.This is a good example. He sent me the request and after accepting, almost immediately he sent me this message:This is known as a cold offer and it is just what you should NEVER do on Linkedin, because it is like when banks call your home to offer you a new card or insurance. Everyone hates those calls!If you think this approach is far-fetched, let me tell you that as of late they aren’t even waiting for me to accept them as contacts. They make the proposal in the same request!It’s really like going to a party and saying to the first person you come across: Marry me!

The irony is that many of these people have paid for tools or advice to locate managerial or ultra-segmented profiles … and instead of taking advantage of that base and first sending a request and then having some interactions (as social selling should be done), they are launched like sharks by the dam.I hope that with these two examples it has become clear what you should NEVER do on Linkedin; However…Companies that really want to attract prospects on Linkedin should focus on creating content that attracts prospects who might be interested.I know, you will tell me that the tools for business pages on Linkedin are very limited, and you are Iceland Phone Number List absolutely right. In fact, they can’t even post articles, just updates. But…That there is no one in the company to create good content? Hire an external content developer who can create articles for a blog, a paper, an e-book, infographics or any other format that may be attractive to your prospects! .

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Statistically, employees are 14 times more likely to share content from their employers than other types of content on LinkedIn. Contributors are a critical part of the LinkedIn marketing strategy  Doctors Email List for a business.Can creating content really make a difference? To answer one piece of information is enough:If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections and conversions, you can have the content delivered to your email door .

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