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Why create niche content

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Why create niche content

Why create niche content? The answer is simple… it is a different world… and living with strategies from the past can cost us not only sales, but even the existence of our business… Do you think we are exaggerating? Let us give you a little paradigm with numbers …The way people receive your news has changed forever, and you can thank social media for this greatly. It is not only the “how” people receive their news, it is also the type of news, the “what”, that has changed.Just 20 years ago, it was still perfectly reasonable to read a print newspaper in the morning, tune in to the radio for news on the way to the office, or watch the evening news when we got home. On weekends, there were even weeklies and / or magazines that recapitulated all the notes from the week gone. The big newspapers became very prestigious for their Sunday editions.

Content that is current, if in print, is dead… because the 24/7 nature of the Internet means that news cycles are now measured in hours (if not minutes) rather than days and weeks. Everything you read in print is already out of date. And the rise of the mobile phone means that news and commentary are instantly available, whenever South Africa Phone Number List  you want. Alerts and updates from some apps and social networks relentlessly send us information throughout the day. Most people now start and end each day by checking their phone, not turning on the television.The really revolutionary part of all this, of course, is that media companies like the big newspapers and television networks are no longer the destination for people to get news. Most people today are perfectly content to trust the data they collect through social media as their “news feed” for the day.

Don’t you believe us? … Think … how did you find out about the fire on the roof of Notre Dame, in Paris? … While this was happening, Twitter was overflowing with information.In fact, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center , two-thirds of the US population now receive their news through social media. This means that … 7 out of 10 are hearing news through social media!And the trend is much stronger with younger millennials and centennials or Gen Z , who are even more reliant on social media. . In short, people now rely on social media as their source for the news they need.You might think: That might work well for “big stories” in the news, like Notre Dame, but how well does it work for anything other than big stories and trends?Have you thought that you could become the source of news or content about your niche? Let’s analyze a little … let’s suppose that your business is in the sector of wines, cheeses, educational toys, clothing rental … or any other … and now tell me … how much of your competition is producing content of interest about it? And with content of interest we mean news from the industry, the niche, news, guides, videos, etc.

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We can bet you that practically NOBODY …because almost all brands only want to create sales content … which is a tremendous mistake, because they waste the opportunity to become Doctors Email List the content generators that make them the reference for information in their niche.Red Bull, for example, creates content not from energy drinks but from the extreme sports in which it has a presence … and it has become a reference in it … they have understood well why create niche content, both in text and in video. Red Bull is a success story doing content marketing .

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