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Why do you need a phygital strategy?

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Why do you need a phygital strategy?

We have lived through a digital disruption for two decades that is rapidly transforming all sectors and business niches. However, putting all the coins in digital and neglecting the physical can be a fatal mistake. The reality is that a balance is required, a phygital strategy.Phygital is the union of two anglicisms: Physical + digital. It is obviously new, that is, from this millennium and refers to the presence of an entity in both the physical and digital world.We are not talking here about having one face or business in the online world and another in the physical world, handling them as separate facets. Many businesses do this. For example, they sell in a physical store and also have their e-commerce and manage them as if they were separate businesses, collecting data, results and executing different tactics in each one.

A Phygital strategy refers to an entity that has a presence in the physical world and in the digital world, but this does not mean two separate entities but rather that they are part of the same reality, which must be able to be treated together and thus analyzed.According to Everis , in the early 2000s, companies doubted the advantages of building a website, to complement their physical spaces with digital channels, since it was not known for sure Ivory-Coast Phone Number List what result could be achieved with this investment and it seemed very expensive to create content and keep information up to date.In turn, customers were accustomed to human attention, through calls or in a physical space that gave them the feeling that their requests were better served.Little by little, the paradigm was modified, with the popularization of personal computers and websites, which became not only a replica of companies’ services, but also a sales, service and support channel.Today, 96% of Americans have already made a purchase online, and 80% did so in the last month. Among the millennial generation, 54% of purchases are made online and 49% among non-millennials.

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In Mexico, the numbers are not very distant; 85 percent of Internet users have bought services or products online during the last 12 months ( as reported by BlackSip , a consulting and digital services company in its report “The challenges of eCommerce for 2019 in Mexico”. )The same virtuous cycle happened with the mobile channel, but at a higher speed, since many users have multiple cellular devices. The global statistic is that there are, until Doctors Email List the end of 2018, 8 billion active accounts, a figure higher than the number of people in the world!Currently, 88% of customers use the cell phone to search for products before buying in a physical store ( webrooming ), to compare prices and products or to find more information.A web page is a digital representation of the products and services that your company offers to society. Here are some basic tips on how to create one.It is a service channel, with a conventional structure that allows the client to know their services, quote, hire, use, seek help, etc.Behind a web page there is a silent market analysis ( marketing analytics ), which observes the profile of the clients and measures all the accesses, clicks, most searched topics, quotes, purchases and abandoned shopping carts.This type of information helps to segment customers more precisely and also, through opinion mining, the creation of new products is promoted.If you look at it, it’s just like it would happen in the physical world, except that getting the data is simpler.

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