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Why Is Brand Positioning Important?

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Why Is Brand Positioning Important?

One of the most complex marketing terms is brand positioning, since it is usually associated with large companies, which compete nationally or internationally; However, this concept is important for any brand, company or business that wants to make itself known in the market. A cell phone number listing works by collecting information  Colombia Phone Number List about mobile phone users. Aside from the caller’s identity, you’ll even have the address of the person specified. This is great, especially when you’re expecting a long distance call from a client or boss that you are yet to meet. Cell phone listings spare you from having to worry about politely asking for the caller’s identity. They prove to be extremely useful too when you’ve happened to come across a long list of unknown numbers.

In simple words, brand positioning refers to the place that a product, brand or service occupies in the mind of the consumer, and how they perceive it in relation to the competition. To better understand the concept, we must think about the differences between one brand and another, how the brand connects with its target audience, how it ensures that it remains in force in the preference of its customers even if there are other brands that compete with It.

There are brands in which, unconsciously, we associate with a quality or characteristic such as luxury, elegance, sophistication, among others that make people identify and choose them without taking into account factors such as price. It is essential to know where your brand or product is in the minds of your buyers to better understand their needs and stay current, which will help you make your product launches more successful and well received by your customers.

Among the most famous brands, which are in our mind and we relate them by their symbols, colors or logos are: Google. One of the most famous brands in the world, both on and off the internet is Google, which we identify with a simple “G”, and which we can identify anywhere we see, regardless of the colors or fonts the company uses. Amazon Another internet giant that has become even more popular for its home delivery service, its smart speakers and its streaming platform, among other products that its followers love. We identify it with an elegant ‘A’, and many people collect shipping product packaging, as it is very novel.

Starbucks. We associate the logo of the mermaid with a comfortable, pleasant conversation, in a place that makes us feel at home, and that is that Starbucks has become the favorite coffee shop of many thanks to the customer service, the feeling of comfort and youth that is breathed along with the aroma of coffee. Louis Vuitton. Brand synonymous with elegance, style, distinction and class; their designs have evolved, but the characteristic logo would be recognized anywhere. Apple. Another minimalist logo: a bitten apple tree, which identifies the devices that we all want to have: iPhone, macbook, iPad, among others that we love. Coke. In addition to being the oldest of the brands on this list, it is one of the most popular worldwide, and one that we immediately recognize. Some ways to position a brand are:

Look at the competition. Every brand must know its competition to know what prices they handle, the quality of their products, who their buyers are and the values ​​with which they identify.
Create a connection with the consumer. It is the most effective way to position a brand, since the brand focuses on meeting the needs of its customers. Attribute-based strategies. Luxury, comfort, passion, friendship, the attributes of the brands make consumers identify with her and continue to consume her products. A famous. It is common for celebrities to launch a brand of the same name to pass part of their prestige to it and for its fans to associate and identify with it.

Based on the personalized experience. Brands such as Amazon or Starbucks have earned a very important place in the minds and hearts of their consumers for the shopping experience and the treatment that the customer receives. Now that you know the best ways to position your brand, remember that it is essential that your customers know you and associate you with positive qualities so that you earn a place in their mind and their preference.

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