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Will the coronavirus change how we shop, travel and work for years

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Will the coronavirus change how we shop, travel and work for years

And like all previous Aged Medicare Supplement Leads crises, this one is not going to be the exception. It also has an additional implicit ingredient, which is the increasingly present digitization of the world (yes everything … not just companies) together with the temporary burial that confinement has meant for the few activities that currently maintain social contact; such as going to a restaurant, going out to shops to buy, enjoying leisure places and moments, or sharing with co-workersSometimes they are small and ethereal changes in behavior , how can it be a greater tendency to save after a financial crisis; and sometimes they are big changes in behavior and to stay , as it seems will happen with this crisis.. Consumer behavior in times of coronavirus (and the importance of knowing how to adapt the business):Surely one of the most frequently asked questions is when all this is over, will we return to normal, or will there be a new normal? There is no certain answer, it will have to be experienced when it arrives. What is clear is that this situation is already changing consumer behavior (by force).We are going to exemplify this with the case of FANAL (National Liquor Factory) in Costa Rica :

First, it had to adapt its production chain to be able to supply the country with alcohol in the face of the incipient shortages that caused the arrival of the virus.
But what happened next is what will change the way Costa Ricans consume. Faced with the avalanche of people to the plant to buy alcohol and the unpleasant situations that this generated, FANAL teamed up with Correos de Costa Rica to create a simple e-commerce with shipping throughout the country, which solved the root problemThis has been the first online shopping experience for many Ticos, which is going to mark a before and after in the volume of consumers who adopt electronic commerce in their day-to-day lives. And this is just one example, but there are many more.

According to Ipsos MORI, 50% of Chinese consumers and 31% of Italians say that they buy ‘more frequently’ online, products that they would have bought in store before. Other countries such as Vietnam, India and Russia follow this line, with 57%, 55% and 27% respectively.The crisis doctorsemaillisthas caught many companies in the process of digital transformation, for which the current situation will cause this process to accelerate (they are at a good starting point); while other companies are unfortunately more behind, which, far from discouraging them, should motivate them to put their foot on the accelerator. Very few companies are those that arrived at this crisis with all the duties done.Online stores come to lighten the economic impact on companies, and it will be the norm that all businesses, that their business niche allows, must address first if they want to survive. However, this will generate a host of collateral events that will make having an ecommerce not enough.

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