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WooCommerce vs PrestaShop: which one to choose for your e-commerce?

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WooCommerce vs PrestaShop: which one to choose for your e-commerce?

Depends. What does it depend on? Of the characteristics of your online store . That is the answer that, sooner or later, you should receive to the internal debate that arises from WooCommerce vs PrestaShop when you are going to set up your e-commerce . Keep reading to know exactly what depends on whether you choose one or the other. In fact, its use has been more or less in line with the creation of stores or online worldwide. And so that you can decide if you opt for one or the other for yours, keep reading, you will leave here with a clear favorite. WooCommerce wins here , why fool us. The learning curve is much lower than in the case of Prestashop, especially if you already use WordPress. At the end of the day, it is just a plugin … However, it must be said that Prestashop has greatly improved the administration panel , which has become much more functional. The main menu, where the main functionalities of the store are located, is now much more intuitive than a few years ago. The main rivalry PrestaShop vs WooCommerce is that the former was conceived from the beginning as an Austria Business Phone List store platform. And that, when loading a large number of products through an Excel file (as the supplier usually gives), it shows. Now, remember not to leave the product sheet as is in either case, which is crappy. And that you have many products is not an excuse, no sir. You can at least touch up the 20 featured products that generate 80% of sales.

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That said, it is not a matter of understanding that in WooCommerce catalog management is a mess, but that in PrestaShop it may be easier for you if you have a large number of products.Record it by fire: optimizing the SEO of your products, whether you use PrestaShop or WooCommerce (or whatever platform it is), is essential for users to reach your e-commerce.Good. Now that you know that you have to work on it, you should Doctors Email List know how to do it with each platform. The positive aspect of WooCommerce is that you only need one of the hundreds of SEO plugins that exist, while in PrestaShop there are not so many modules for it . In addition, the latter are usually paid. On the other hand, it should also be noted that in WordPress it is also much easier to incorporate a blog that helps the SEO of the entire online store . In PrestaShop, being so focused on creating an e-commerce , it can give you somewhat more limited options.

Although PrestaShop and WordPress offer similar stock management formulas, the former goes further. With the penguin platform you will be able to have greater control of the stock in different warehouses , and receive notifications if the number of units of an item is reduced by more than a certain amount. Let’s leave it in a draw. In both cases you can include several languages ​​if your business requires it. And in a relatively simple way, all is said. In WooCommerce you will only have to use the well-known WPML plugin (although there are many more). In PrestaShop you will only have to go to its own translations section, without the need to include any additional modules.

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