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YouTube pay and how to make money on this platform

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YouTube pay and how to make money on this platform

Do you dream of being a If you are a digital entrepreneur, it is likely that the idea of ​​working on YouTube is going around your head because basically there are many people who have the desire to want to become , especially those younger who grow up seeing the evolution of many influences successful digital. However, very little is said about what really earn and how they manage to monetize their content on this platform. If you are seriously thinking about making this your new profession or just want to find some way to make some extra money, this post is for you! Because we will talk a little about how much a earns and how to start making money on this platform. All this information can help you decide if it is really worth investing all your time working on this network or if for you, there is a better option to undertake digitally. Shall we start? Go for it! VIDEO | How much does a earn? | Tips It’s time to start talking about money! Because although many dream of having a successful career on YouTube, the reality is that it is necessary to bear in mind that

How to make money on this platform

there are some fundamental requirements to be able to monetize content and these are: Have a channel with more than 10 thousand views 1 thousand subscribers 4 thousand minutes watched at least Fulfilling these 3 conditions, for every 1,000 (thousand) clicks of the video, the responsible for that content receives in Spain, approximately, between 0.40 euro cents and 4 euros, while an American earns about 4 ,50 dollars. In Latin America, the values ​​are lower, but range from $ 0.25 to $ 4.50 per 1,000 views. How much does YouTube pay depending on the geographical area? Payments on YouTube can vary depending on the geographical area in which you are, because basically, everything depends on the companies that want to hire ads on YouTube. To put a bit in context, it goes something like this: A company hires ads on YouTube and chooses in which country to advertise, for what theme and on what date it wants to do so. If many companies are looking for the same thing, the price of the ads will go up and these companies will have to

YouTube pay and how to make money on this platform

How to make money on this pay for views

pay more expensively because the (cost per thousand views) rises. This will also cause the earn more money because their RPM (income per thousand views) will increase.Twitter is very simple, you just have to go to the search box and enter keywords or terms about the information you want to find and once you are in the search results, you will see the list of tweets for all users who have written the indicated words in their message. You can also search directly for other users by putting their name or using their username with the “@” How can I ‘ follow ‘ a user on Twitter? To follow a user on Twitter, you just have to enter the Timeline or user profile and click on the “Follow” button. From that moment on, you will be able to see all the messages or tweets published by this user on your timeline. How to create lists on Twitter?

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