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Zero-Click what is it and how to save our brand?

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Zero-Click what is it and how to save our brand?

The alarms have begun to sound … years ago it was social networks that killed the organic reach … and today, it seems that Google is doing the same, but is it really happening ?; What is happening? Why all the fuss over the term Zero-Click ? Can it really kill your brand on the web? What should you do to survive? Let’s take a look.Zero-click is the phenomenon in which a user generates a query in the search engine and does not click on any result because Google answers his question without having to go to another page; or failing that, you are redirected to a Google property.

At the beginning of August, SparkToro , the company of Rand Fishkin, one of the most recognized SEO gurus and mastermind behind the prestigious Moz , published an article on its site that shook the digital world Latvia Phone Number List from its title:The answer is that apparently, according to SparkToro and numbers from Jumpshot , a data analytics firm, June was the first month in history, in which more than half of US searches on Google, they did not generate a single subsequent click … nor a click on any result.How can that be possible? The reason is that Google is solving the questions in the same SERP , that is, by displaying the results … We ourselves at LuisMaram have seen it with our results a few timesIf you google ‘ how to be influencer ‘, the first result is our site … we appear as a featured result …

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Google obtained from our note, 6 tips to be influencer … and shows them from the SERP. This means that some can see the tips and decide to enter the content … but others may decide not to … generating zero clicks.If your brand is the featured result, let’s say you have a 50% chance that the user will click right? … but if you are not, and the featured result (obviously belonging to another brand) solves the user’s question, then neither you will Doctors Email List even see the rest of the results on the page… you will be dead even if you are result No. 2!We had already seen this with simple questions such as when we asked the age of a celebrity or the distance between one city and another; Google then offered us the answer in a box.The number of clicks known as ‘organic’, that is, that the user makes voluntarily on unpaid search results, is decreasing not only due to direct results.

Ads, which are what keep Google, are becoming more frequent and effective … especially on mobile, where more than 11% of clicks are already on ads. Speaking of desktop, the situation is much better, only 6.85% of clicks are on ads.However, the drop in organic clicks on mobile is considerably strong, and it should be noted that there are many more mobile users than desktop users.According to JumpShot, many clicks are going to Google properties that the search engine shows in the first places, just below the ads. We are talking about content such as maps, images, AMP formats, news and even YouTube videos… which is also a property of Google.

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